Welcome to In the Shadows of Wrigley!

Welcome everyone to our new blog, In the Shadows of Wrigley! We cannot even begin to express how excited we are to start writing about baseball on our own platform!

Baseball runs in our family. We have multiple family members who played in the minor leagues, and our Grandfather was one of the most hardcore fans you could ever run across. He was reading The Bill James Baseball Abstracts in the early 1980’s and he collected baseball cards as early as the 1930’s, amassing a collection that we have spent many warm summer days thumbing through. He lived for baseball, and we have both taken up the mantle as overzealous fans of the Cubs and the game of baseball.

A few bad years of Cubs baseball have had us paying more and more attention to the minor leagues than we used to, and we have decided to start writing about them. While In the Shadows of Wrigley will be a blog for us to discuss all things baseball, we will be focused on the minor leagues and the prospects who go out every day with Wrigley Field looming large in the distance.

We will be producing a large amount of film and scouting reports on Midwest League prospects as we follow the Kane Country Cougars this summer and publishing it on this site. We have both spent much of our life playing, watching, and studying the game of baseball, and we are very excited to bring our collective knowledge of the game out to the minor league ballparks. Check out the Prospects tab at the top of the page to see which prospects we’re hoping to see!

Again, thank you so much for stopping by! We cannot wait to head out to the ballpark and start producing videos and reports of the top Midwest League prospects!

-Tommy Cook & Kenny Dziukala

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