Cub Not Named Shark, Castro, or Rizzo of the Week

This is going to be a recurring feature here at In the Shadows of Wrigley. Kenny and I will be picking a pitcher and a position player we feel are going to have to step up if the Cubs are going to be over .500 in the coming week. We are restricting ourselves to only, uh, the less heralded members of the Cubs roster to avoid the obvious picks.

Opening Day is finally here! It seems like winter just blew by, and spring training went faster than I can ever remember! (ed note: we’re still trying to figure out where the sarcasm font is in the WordPress system)

The Cubs open the season against two teams who had disappointing ends to their 2012 season. The Pirates team seemingly lost their last 40 games, and the Braves got jobbed in and by the Play-in Game. Make no mistake, both teams form a tough start to season for the Cubs, who will need contributions from all of their roster to finish the week at .500.

Tommy’s Picks

David DeJesus (CF) – DeJesus killed the ball all spring long, and I expect him to continue hitting well into the start of the season. As the leadoff hitter, he’s going to need to, if the Cubs are going to score many runs this week.

Carlos Marmol (Closer) – Marmol had a bit of a rough spring, but I think that’s a product of how Arizona’s altitude annually turns spring training breaking balls into batting practice fastballls. The Cubs aren’t going to blow either team away, so Marmol will have to shut down teams at the end of the game.

Kenny’s Picks

Wellington Castillo (Catcher)- Sure he may have had a rough spring but I am very high on Beef Castle.  Catchers are always the last to develop and I like his power and improve receiving skills behind the plate.

Travis Wood (Pitcher)- Another guy I am just high on, I hope he pitches well enough to stay in the rotation when everyone is healthy.  He is not going to wow anyone but he could be a nice piece in the rotation of the future.

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