Cub Not Named Shark, Castro, or Rizzo of the Week

Last week was a blowout, with Kenny’s players destroying mine. I also feel like I should resign from this forever because of the Carlos Marmol pick…

Last Week

Kenny: Welington Castillo & Travis Wood

Tommy: David DeJesus & Carlos Marmol

I don’t even want to compare the numbers on this from last week because it’s not remotely close. Two wins awarded to Kenny.

This Week

Kenny’s Picks: Nate Schierholtz, Scott Feldman, James Russell

Tommy’s Picks: Luis Valbuena, Carlos Villanueva, Hishashi Iwakuma

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3 Responses to Cub Not Named Shark, Castro, or Rizzo of the Week

  1. Cookie52 says:

    Valbuena just made an error on an easy one. Good start. At least Villanueva has the nice mustache!

  2. Cookie52 says:

    Maybe you can invite your readers to give their pick 3 along with the two of you. Perhaps at years end you can award an autographed Paul Popovich baseball to the winner.

  3. that’s what we would like to do but we just dont have as many followers of the site yet

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