Day One MLB Draft Winners and Losers

Just kidding. I have no ability to combine all the factors that affect each team’s draft choices – signability, slot values, how teams value certain players – and neither do 95% of people writing posts like this right now.  There is just too much that can happen in the development of all these players that it’s foolish to say, at this point, a team had a particularly good/poor draft. Probably best to avoid these types of articles until 4-5 years from now and we can see if the scouts saw something media didn’t.

(Well, this isn’t totally true. Jonathan Gray being condemned to pitch in Coors Field is probably a “loss” for him.)

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3 Responses to Day One MLB Draft Winners and Losers

  1. Jonathan Gray says:

    I love Coors

  2. Cookie52 says:

    Not taking Gray is likely the right move. Besides the risk of injury for pitchers, the fact that he basically “emerged” this year is always risky. Then again, Vitters was the 3rd or 4th pick of the draft so I certainly could be wrong!

  3. Vitters was a high school bat but they said he was “the best pure hitter in the draft” so there was that. Luckily Bryant is a bit more polished as a college bat. But of course there is always a risk

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