Chicago Cubs One Hit Wonders-Mark Bellhorn

For the first write up on Chicago Cubs one hit wonders I wanted to pick one of my personal favorites. That would be Mark Bellhorn.  He played for the Cubs in 2002 and a bit in 2003 before being traded to the Rockies.  Bellhorn’s career lasted 10 years as a utility infielder with stops in Oakland, Chicago (NL), Colorado, Boston, New York (AL), San Diego and Cincinnati.   In November of 2001 the Cubs received Bellhorn for minor leaguer Adam Morrissey in a trade with Oakland.

That 2002 year with the Cubs was pretty incredible, even know the team was very, very bad winning only 67 games…(the next year was pretty good though).  Bellhorn a utility player who played mostly second base put up a triple slash of .258/.374/.512 with an OPS of .886.  This by far is the best triple slash he accomplished throughout his entire career.  His 27 HR’s(.254 ISO) was his career best which is 10 more than he hit with the Red Sox in 2004 (his second best year).  His 27 Home runs were the most by a Cubs switch hitter in team history. The 2002 year for Bellhorn was so good he nearly posted a 4.0 WAR according to Fangraphs.  His WAR that year was an incredible 3.8.

2002 was a hell of a year for Bellhorn, he is mostly remembered for hitting 2 HR’s in the same inning from both sides of the plate against the Brewers at Miller Park as well as his game 6 home run against the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS with Boston.  The Cubs traded Bellhorn to the Rockies for strikeout machine Jose Hernandez (who was flipped again in the Aramis Ramirez deal) in June of 2003.   He did have another comeback year in 2004 hitting 17 Home runs and posting an .817 OPS. Bellhorn had a fairly good career but let us not forget that unbelievable year he had with the Cubs in 2002.

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  1. Cookie52 says:

    I saw something absolutely ridiculous from David Kapllan today-that the Cubs would like to trade Starlin Castro. This isn’t the old Cubs management where they constantly traded players after a bad year, at bottom value. Jenkins, Biily Wiliams, and Lee Smith come to mind. I think a fun article would be an exploration of the history of these types of bone-headed trades made by the Cubs. Theo and the new regime are not that stupid!

    • Kaplan just hates Starlin. For absolutely no reason behind something totally ludicrous…like hustle and that crap. I also heard him say it would be good for him to get sent to AAA………………..yeah because the Cubs have so many better options at short…..i like him but his Starlin stance is absolutely ridiculous.

      • Cookie52 says:

        Same complaints about Dunston when I was your age. Simple response was/is who will you replace him with.

      • Cookie52 says:

        Also, don’t people realize that Castro is nearly as young as some of the players we just drafted. Are they also hopeless losers? 23 years old people. Tools you’d love all your players to have. Patience. Patience!!!

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