Other Greg Madduxes

If you’ve had the displeasure to hear Todd Hollandsworth talk about baseball, or have a twitter account, you’ve run into one of the most aggressively wrong pieces of analysis in existence today: The Kyle Hendricks/Greg Maddux comp.

It’s honestly incredible that anyone could think that’s a valid comparison. I could write a thousand words on the wrongness of the idea that there is a meaningful comparison between the two pitchers other than the velocity they sit at (which is ALSO a bad comparison, since Maddux was low-90s through a pretty large portion of his career), but I’d rather not bore you. After all, if you’re reading my writing, you’re probably not making Maddux/Hendricks comps anyway.

Instead, here’s the payoff for clicking the link: a list of Other Greg Madduxes. A collection of pitchers who sat at very low velocities and had pretty alright control, which are seemingly the only qualifications needed to drop a dangerously stupid and unfair comp on a young pitcher. Pull these out on twitter whenever you come across a Hendricks/Maddux comp.

Other Greg Madduxes

  • Shaun Marcum
  • Wade LeBlance
  • Andy Sonnanstine
  • Josh Collmenter
  • Tommy Milone
  • Jason Vargas
  • Eric Stults
  • John Lannan
  • Carlos Villanueva
  • Doug Fister
  • Paul Maholm

Are there good names there? Sure.

Any of them look like a Greg Maddux caliber pitcher?

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