Why Jon Lester Should Not Sign with the Cubs

I’d like to point out that I for one am on my knees praying, begging for Jon Lester to sign with the Cubs. We all understand that there is a lot to love when it comes to the Cubs: young talent, good bullpen, great manager, strong farm system and the thought of being part of the team that breaks the curse.

One reason that he should not sign with the Cubs is if they do not give him the most money. For us Cubs fans we went from big spender Jim Hendry, to Theo & Jed and their “plan.” If you are wondering I am a believer in “The Plan” and have been following it with interest since they got into office. I guess that makes me a #Theobot.

Some fans have bought in so much that every time a big contract is reported they freak out and start looking elsewhere. The fact is if you want to sign an elite big time free agent you are going to have to overpay…and then some. Zach Grienke said when he signed with LA he chose them because they offered him the most money, Lester may do the same thing. If he gets more money elsewhere there is no reason to be upset with his decision to not sign with the Cubs.

THE CUBS HAVE ALL THE PROSPECTS. They own X amount of top 100 prospects so that guarantees success! The truth is, like many of you know, prospects do not always pan out. If they do pan out, it does not mean they will reach the ceiling everyone always talks about. I am sure Lester knows about the potential of this team but that is all it is, potential.

Looking at what we saw at the end of the season the potential was visible but so were the red flags. Jorge Soler put on a show but he falls under the category of a small sample size. Will Javier Baez ever make enough contact to be relevant? I would not say everyone is sold on Alcantara. Is Kyle Hendricks legit or is anyone else as pessimistic about him as @tommyEcook. We have not seen Kris Bryant, Addison Russell or a top-pitching prospect whether you believe it to be CJ Edwards or Pierce Johnson.

A big selling point is the potential to be on the Cubs team that breaks the curse. Does Lester believe in the hype of the Cubs young talent and prospects? I know one thing is that we do not know. The word potential needs to turn into more of a guarantee for Lester to be sold on the Cubs.

Other teams involved are said to be: the Yankees, Red Sox, Giants, and Dodgers. The Giants just won the World Series but may not be able to offer the biggest contract. The Yankees will probably offer the most money but their team is old and do not have much going for them. The Red Sox are due for a nice bounce back season. Last, the Dodgers have a solid team with buckets of money to spend. Lester has some really good options some that are better than Chicago.

If Jon Lester does not want to sign with the Cubs I can’t blame him. Money talks and it is hard to leave millions on the table just to sign with a team full of “potential.” Cub’s fans have seen many prospects fail; there are no sure things when it comes to them. Money and a team with nothing more than “potential” are big reasons why Jon Lester should not sign with the Cubs.

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