The Kris Bryant debut: Skipping Class and Drinking Beer

No surprise to anyone Kris Bryant is your 2015 National League Rookie of the Year. He made his much-debated debut April 17th. The Kris Bryant debut for me was the most excited I had ever been for an MLB debut.

Out of the big time Cubs debuts in my lifetime: Castro, Rizzo, Soler, Baez, Schwarber, Bryant, only the Soler debut doesn’t have a fun story or reason I missed.

I missed Starlin Castro’s debut because I was at my senior prom. Checked my phone during the event to a text from @TommyECook that read, “CASTRO!!”. The Starlin expectations were never higher. When Anthony Rizzo debuted I was playing a baseball game in West Allis, WI.

In 2014, I did see Soler debut by hitting a home run off Matt Latos. Javier Baez debuted against the Rockies and even though I was at work I did get to watch his at-bats. Well, that game went into extra innings, was that same night as the lime-a-rita commercials?   I fell asleep while the game was still going only to wake up to an excited Len Kasper calling a walk off home run. I popped up awake to realize it was, in fact, Javier Baez.

My internship in Virginia made me miss Schwarber’s first start.

There was not going to be anything bigger than the Kris Bryant debut. My last semester of college was coming to an end and senioritis was at an all time high. When I heard the news of Bryant being called up I immediately texted my friend Alex Crowe (you can follow him @AlexCrowe38) about meeting up to watch it.

Unfortunately, I had a class that was 12:40-1:40 only on Fridays and it was my last class of the day. An outgoing career prep where all we did was listen to guest speakers was not a fun Friday class. When Friday came around I tried to make up an excuse to skip the class but we couldn’t miss any classes or else we would have to write a paper…I was not going to write a paper. I emailed my teacher telling him that I had a meeting with my programs director at the radio station (Alex actually was the programs director) so I had to leave class early.

While the guest speaker for the class was giving his speech I walked out of class at 1:25 and literally ran back to my apartment. The “meeting” was Alex and I watching Bryant debut while drinking way to many beers and eating Pizza Hut. We did make it out that night, that is what you do it college, nap and rally. Would not change that for the world.  The 2015 season was a hell of a lot of fun.

What is your favorite debut of your lifetime?

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