The Kris Bryant debut: Skipping Class and Drinking Beer

No surprise to anyone Kris Bryant is your 2015 National League Rookie of the Year. He made his much-debated debut April 17th. The Kris Bryant debut for me was the most excited I had ever been for an MLB debut. Out of the big time Cubs debuts in my lifetime: Castro, Rizzo, Soler, Baez, Schwarber, Bryant, only the Soler debut doesn’t have a fun story or reason I missed. I missed Starlin Castro’s debut because … Continue reading

Bryant’s effect on the lineup

With the excitement over Kris Bryant being recalled Friday we can discuss the potential lineup Joe Maddon will roll out.  The power in the middle of the Cubs lineup was excellent with Rizzo and Soler now enter Kris Bryant.  These are fun times to be a Cubs fan. When I posed the question about potential lineups with Bryant I received some good responses.  The question is whether he will be eased in or thrown into … Continue reading

Acquisitions: Rebuilding teams vs. Competitive teams

Since 2011 when Theo, Jed and Jason were hired the Cubs have been wheeling and dealing.  They have been stacking up on talent since then to build a team set for “sustained success.”  As the Cubs, it seems, have turned the corner lets take a look at the front offices best moves and worst moves based on the value they have for the Cubs.  Along with the Cubs I looked at the Astros who went … Continue reading

Time to appreciate to Aramis Ramirez

I have always found it odd the affection Cubs fans have had for certain players. We have seen the social media explosion when players like Tony Campana were traded away. Also, when David Dejesus came back to Wrigley Field after being traded in 2013 he received a standing ovation from the Wrigley faithful. Although he had a pretty good run with the Cubs he only played for them for a little over a year. Other … Continue reading

Why Jon Lester Should Not Sign with the Cubs

I’d like to point out that I for one am on my knees praying, begging for Jon Lester to sign with the Cubs. We all understand that there is a lot to love when it comes to the Cubs: young talent, good bullpen, great manager, strong farm system and the thought of being part of the team that breaks the curse. One reason that he should not sign with the Cubs is if they do … Continue reading

Why the Cubs Could be Thanking Ryan Dempster

Two years ago the Cubs were doing what they have done best lately, having a fire sale near the deadline after another rough first half.  One of the pieces they had was Ryan Dempster who was having an extremely good season as the Cubs ace (2.25ERA).  Theo & Co. doing what they do best were ready to maximize that value and send Dempster off for some long-term assets.  What was holding a lot of this … Continue reading

Why Sign Jacoby Ellsbury?

Theo Epstein drafted Jacoby Ellsbury, Jacoby Ellsbury is a free agent, and so he is definitely going to the Cubs! Unfortunately it is not that easy. For me that could be a good thing based on a couple of points that I will touch on later in this post. Now I would not be upset if the Cubs signed Ellsbury, but how much sense does that make going forward?  Ellsbury is no spring chicken as … Continue reading

Chicago Cubs One Hit Wonders-Jim Edmonds

Back in the great years of the 90s when I was playing travel baseball I moved from shortstop to Center Field, I made a diving catch in my first game in the outfield and it was a love affair from then on.  My heroes turned into guys like Andruw Jones, Torii Hunter and the guy everyone hated because he was on the Cardinals but I have always liked.  That man would be Jim Edmonds who … Continue reading

Flipping Assets May be a Strategy of the Past? Why Year 3 will be different than 1 and 2.

As the season winds down to an end and the new regime enters their third year with the Cubs they look to continue to build them up to a championship caliber team.  Many fans know that next year may not be the year, but this year is extremely important if not the MOST important year for the Cubs moving forward.  I say that because in the first two years the front office turned short term … Continue reading

Chicago Cubs One Hit Wonders-Jeromy Burnitz

A first round pick in 1990 17th overall, went on to have a successful 14 year career with seven teams (MIL, NYM, CLE, COL, PIT, LAD, and CHC). That would be Jeromy Burnitz.  Everyone knows he had his best years in Milwaukee but 2005 with the Cubs at the age of 36 can’t go unnoticed by the people who saw it and definitely qualifies him for the list of one hit wonders with the Cubs.  … Continue reading