Chicago Cubs One Hit Wonders-Mark Bellhorn

For the first write up on Chicago Cubs one hit wonders I wanted to pick one of my personal favorites. That would be Mark Bellhorn.  He played for the Cubs in 2002 and a bit in 2003 before being traded to the Rockies.  Bellhorn’s career lasted 10 years as a utility infielder with stops in Oakland, Chicago (NL), Colorado, Boston, New York (AL), San Diego and Cincinnati.   In November of 2001 the Cubs received Bellhorn … Continue reading

Ranking the Chicago Cubs 2013 Free Agent Signings (On the Roster)

Taking a look at the 11 players (and Fujikawa) currently on the roster that the front of picked up as free agents, we decided to rank them.  This list should change based on how unlucky some of the players have been and vice versa.  Since it has been brought up with almost all the signings it will be interesting to see who stays and who will be dangled as trade bait.  Hope you enjoy.   … Continue reading

NL Central Draft History

Drafts are a huge part of rebuilding a club.  When a team “goes for it” they also look outside the organization for big time free agents to get the last piece of the puzzle for a championship team.  Signing free agents sometimes cost you a draft pick.  Tommy examines in an earlier article the Indians offseason and why they should sign Kyle Lohse even if it costs them a draft pick.  I decided to take … Continue reading

Disappointing Teams of 2013 Part 1-White Sox

Adam Dunn is on the decline

In the first installment of teams we expect to disappoint in 2013 the first team is the Chicago White Sox.  After a poor showing from a 2011 Sox teams that some writers expected to win the World Series the unheralded 2012 White Sox were in the AL central race until the very end.  Going into 2013 many people believe this team can repeat its success and compete for a Wild Card spot.  Looking back at … Continue reading