Top Tools Seen – Midwest League 2013

Midwest League fans saw an impressive crop of talent come through the league in 2013, with future stars like Byron Buxton and Robert Stephenson ripping the league to shreds. Unfortunately, I saw neither of those guys! I saw a fairly large group of MWL ballplayers come through Kane County and Beloit, but unfortunately missed on a few of the bigger names, and as such this list will only touch on those I saw live. Also, … Continue reading

Video of Rays’ LHP Blake Snell

This is video from Blake Snell‘s start on May 1, 2013. Snell worked 90-92 (topped out at 94) with his fastball. The two-seam fastball had good arm-side run, and the 94 mph fastball was likely a four-seamer. Snell’s changeup sat low-80s, and was extremely effective, especially against left handed batters. Usually changeups are less effective against same-handed batters, but Kane County’s left-handed batters had significant trouble making contact with it. Snell’s breaking ball is a work in progress, but it flashed plus at least once, while sitting in the 75-77 range. All Snell’s pitches have the potential to be plus offerings down the road.

Snell’s final line wasn’t pretty (3 1/3 IP, 5 hits, 3 BB, 5 Ks, and no earned runs (3 unearned runs did score)), but I was very impressed with his stuff. His command was spotty all night, but the raw stuff kept hitters from making solid contact. Interestingly, he appeared to not totally trust his stuff, as he nibbled at the corners for most of the game rather than going right after hitters. Snell’s raw stuff is very advanced for the Midwest League, and I have trouble seeing the MWL feasting on him if he were more direct in his approach.

I really liked what I saw out of Snell, and hope that he is able to find his command soon. If he pitches near me again I will absolutely make the trek to see him.

Michael Ynoa isn’t Who I’d Hoped To See (Scouting Report & Video)

I don’t know what I should have expected. I was excited when I heard that Michael Ynoa was in the Midwest League this season, and when I found out he’d be pitching in Beloit this past Tuesday I just had to go out and see him. The stories that were thrown around when Ynoa signed for a record $4.25 million in 2008 were unbelievable – scouts who’d seen him and the writers who had the … Continue reading