Retooling for 2018: A Comprehensive Plan

Look, we’re not surprised by this outcome, right? I’m thankful as all hell that they didn’t get swept, but the 2017 Cubs were not as good as the 2017 Dodgers. It happens. How do Theo and his merry band of suits make sure it doesn’t happen again in 2018? Let’s walk through how, from the big to the small. 1. Prioritize Athleticism The Cubs were outclasses in the field and on the bases all postseason … Continue reading

Game Notes – 4/9/2017 – Asheville @ Hagerstown

A short set of notes about the Suns game today, not in small part due to the fact that I missed the first inning and a half due to some accidents on I-70. I hope everyone was OK because I am not ready to deal with how incredibly petty my anger at missing those innings would be otherwise. Riley Pint, P, COL Pint was drafted 4th overall in the 2016 draft on the back his … Continue reading

A List of Outfielders Who Have Posted More fWAR than Jorge Soler

Jorge Soler debuted in 2014. Here is a short list of the outfielders who have produced more fWAR since the beginning of 2014 than he has: Mike Trout Andrew McCutchen Bryce Harper Lorenzo Cain Jason Heyward Yoenis Cespedes Jose Bautista Giancarlo Stanton Alex Gordon Michael Brantley Kevin Kiermaier A.J. Pollock Starling Marte Ben Zobrist Nelson Cruz Adam Eaton Adam Jones Kole Calhoun J.D. Martinez Christian Yelich Carlos Gomez Justin Upton Mookie Betts Yasiel Puig Dexter … Continue reading

The Kris Bryant debut: Skipping Class and Drinking Beer

No surprise to anyone Kris Bryant is your 2015 National League Rookie of the Year. He made his much-debated debut April 17th. The Kris Bryant debut for me was the most excited I had ever been for an MLB debut. Out of the big time Cubs debuts in my lifetime: Castro, Rizzo, Soler, Baez, Schwarber, Bryant, only the Soler debut doesn’t have a fun story or reason I missed. I missed Starlin Castro’s debut because … Continue reading

Game Notes: 5/1 Greenville @ Hagerstwon

This past Friday, I made the two and a half hour slog through I-495 and I-270 traffic to get up to Hagerstown, Maryland, to see the Greenville Drive (Boston Red Sox) face the Hagerstown Suns (Washington Nationals). The traffic was awful, it almost rained, and Rafael Devers sat the game out. Fortunately, I had the pleasure of sitting near a very nice couple, Tim and Judy, and their nephew Joel, who was about to ship … Continue reading

Why Jon Lester Should Not Sign with the Cubs

I’d like to point out that I for one am on my knees praying, begging for Jon Lester to sign with the Cubs. We all understand that there is a lot to love when it comes to the Cubs: young talent, good bullpen, great manager, strong farm system and the thought of being part of the team that breaks the curse. One reason that he should not sign with the Cubs is if they do … Continue reading

Other Greg Madduxes

If you’ve had the displeasure to hear Todd Hollandsworth talk about baseball, or have a twitter account, you’ve run into one of the most aggressively wrong pieces of analysis in existence today: The Kyle Hendricks/Greg Maddux comp. It’s honestly incredible that anyone could think that’s a valid comparison. I could write a thousand words on the wrongness of the idea that there is a meaningful comparison between the two pitchers other than the velocity they … Continue reading

Video and Thoughts on Milwaukee Brewers Prospects

Orlando Arcia 18 year old shortstop Orlando Arcia gained a fair amount of hype after posting an .845 OPS as a 16 year old in the Dominican Summer League in 2011. Poised to break out as a 17 year old in the States, Arcia suffered a serious ankle injury, missing all of 2012. While he has struggled to a .633 OPS this year, it’s important to remember that 18 is incredibly young for the league, … Continue reading

Day One MLB Draft Winners and Losers

Just kidding. I have no ability to combine all the factors that affect each team’s draft choices – signability, slot values, how teams value certain players – and neither do 95% of people writing posts like this right now.  There is just too much that can happen in the development of all these players that it’s foolish to say, at this point, a team had a particularly good/poor draft. Probably best to avoid these types … Continue reading

Notes from the Field: Cedar Rapids Kernels

Last weekend was absolutely filled with baseball, and I’ve come to the realization that there just isn’t much else in the world like relaxing on a warm summer night and watching minor leaguers play in front of a few hundred people. This experience is only enhanced when the minor leaguers you’re watching are very talented, and fortunately that was the case this weekend. The Twins have done a fantastic job of amassing high-ceiling talent, and … Continue reading