You Have to Win Your Division (Second Base)

After looking at the first basemen of the NL Central, who have collectively fallen off since the glory days of Pujols/Votto/Berkman/Lee, we’re now going to look at a position that, honestly, we can never remember being the division’s strong point. Historically this has been such a weak position within the division that Cubs fans, unaccustomed to seeing good non-Biggios playing the keystone, thought Mike Fontenot was worthy of the nickname “Little Babe Rute”*. Since 2000, … Continue reading

Winter League Cubs

The World Series and the 2013 Major League Baseball season are approaching their end, an end welcomed by nearly all fans of the Chicago Cubs. As the focus shifts to the winter meetings, manager signings, and the possibility of adding an impact player like Masahiro Tanaka, to many fans it feels as if the game of baseball is gone until the spring. Fortunately, this isn’t remotely true. Though they receive little fanfare in Chicago, there … Continue reading