Recent Franchise Turnarounds and the 2014 Chicago Cubs

As the title alludes to, this series is going to focus on recent teams that have turned a horrific situation into surprise contention in a very short manner, and what similarities we may see with them and the 2014 Chicago Cubs. You see, some fans I’ve encountered on twitter, in bars, and at Wrigley seem to think the Cubs have a shot at surprise contention in 2014. I’m not so hopeful, but these fans have … Continue reading

A Well-Deserved Promotion for Pierce Johnson (Scouting Report + Video)

Pierce Johnson will make his first start for the High-A Daytona Cubs Monday after a well-deserved promotion. Johnson was tearing through Midwest League lineups with a lively 91-93 mph fastball and a power curveball that most hitters at the level couldn’t touch. In 69 2/3 MWL innings, Johnson posted a 3.10 ERA while striking out 25% of batters faced and only walking 7.4%. If you toss out his disastrous first outing, his ERA was a … Continue reading