Michael Ynoa isn’t Who I’d Hoped To See (Scouting Report & Video)

I don’t know what I should have expected. I was excited when I heard that Michael Ynoa was in the Midwest League this season, and when I found out he’d be pitching in Beloit this past Tuesday I just had to go out and see him. The stories that were thrown around when Ynoa signed for a record $4.25 million in 2008 were unbelievable – scouts who’d seen him and the writers who had the … Continue reading

Disappointing Teams of 2013 Part 3 – Oakland Athletics

Photo Credit - Keith Allison

Billy Beane’s Oakland Athletics made a miracle run into the postseason in 2012, and enter 2013 with hopes of competing in an increasingly rough AL West. The underdog A’s seem to be one of the “teams of the internet”, because everywhere I go I see them being touted as legitimate threats to the Angels and Rangers. And I cannot figure out why. The A’s made very few changes to a roster that played out of … Continue reading